Raspberry Pi Examples

These examples are designed to demonstrate how to use a range of  our modules on a Raspberry PI.  You will need an SD card with the latest official Raspbian Linux distribution running on it.

I2C Modules
The Raspberry PI I2C port is not enabled by default there is a rpi_i2c_setup.doc documenting the process I used to get i2c running on the Raspberry PI.  We have provided the source code for download ready to be compiled and used on your system. There is also a diagram below showing which pins on the Raspberry pi's GPIO header to use for the i2c port.

The RPi serial port is used to communicate with the MD49 and drive the motors. Before this can be done you must change some settings to allow you to access the serial port in your own software. There is a rpi_serial_setup.doc explaining how this is done. As the serial port is not 5v tolerant you need some resistors to set the output signal from the MD49 to the appropriate 3.3v level, there is a diagram showing this below

Follow the instructions above to get the serial port going on your RPi. The SRF01 uses a single I/O pin for serial I/O so you will need a diode as shown below

This example shows how to read and write from the USB port.

RPi I2C Examples
CMPS03 Read bearing data from the CMPS03
CMPS11 Read bearing, pitch and roll data from the CMPS11.
CMPS12 Read bearing, pitch and roll data from the CMPS12.
Read range data from an SRF02, this example will also work for the SRF10 and SRF235.
SRF08 Read range and light data from an SRF08.
TPA81 Read ambient temperature and 8 pixel temperature readings from the TPA81
MD03 Drive the motor connected to an MD03
MD22 Drive both motors connected to an MD22
MD25 Drive the EMG30 motors to a specific encoder count
LCD05 Display text on an LCD05
LCD05-162 Display text on an LCD05-162
SD21 Move servo 1 on an SD21
RLY08 Change the relay states of an RLY08 depending on what they already are.
RPi Serial Examples
SRF01 Read software version and range in CM from an SRF01
MD49 Use the serial port to drive the MD49 motors and display the encoder values
RPi USB Example
USBRLY08b Change the relay states of a USBRLY08b connected to the USB port

The diagram below shows how to connect the I2C-LVL01 to the RPi for use with 5v I2C modules.

Raspberry pi i2c port diagram for use with 3.3v I2C modules.

Raspberry Pi MD49 Diagram.

Raspberry pi SRF01 diagram